find out origin, kay

kay 2018. 10. 05 ~ 2018. 11. 13 Free Exhibition

About Exhibition

From young, I've moved around and changed my residences having the responsibility adapting myself to new, unfamiliar circumstances and the people.
Lack of a sustatinable relationship that last long, thus accepting in both active and passive ways that the only tool to understand and free up myself is to be myself.
The exploration to myself has begun since very young.

expressing inner responses that occur in my actions if I absorb or spit out external stimuli.
In other words, stimulating physical senses and reaching to the soul. I've been drawing the 'anxiety' and 'worry' as a face of a monster. It shows the nature of careless, unorganized and abnormally pursuing the truth, refusing the false.
Above all, the reason why <Monster inside me> matters to me is from to release, separate and discard the impurities of my mind.

Opening Session for Exhibition 'find out origin'
. date: Oct. 7 (sun), 18:00
. venue: FAMUS GROUND 2F
. line up: Pacharamon Buntuvanit, Sup-Lee, Hey Dylon, Hyun Woo Nam
. ticket: 1 drink
  • find out origin, kay
  • find out origin, kay
  • find out origin, kay
  • find out origin, kay

Schedule for Exhibition

2018. 10. 05 13:00 PM ~ 2018. 11. 13 21:00 PM END
All ages allowed

About Artist

kay (kay)

More detail on Artist
While preparing for studying abroad and illustrations after graduating from Dept. of Visual Design of Soongeui Women's College, my mother who had to struggle with disease eventually passed away, which made me experience futility of efforts and giving up something. As my direction became distorted and lost, I thought over and over again about what’s really important in my art life. Luckily, I realized it’s necessary to build up open relationship between my life and artworks for myself vulnerable, while looking deep into myself through ‘yoga’ or ‘spiritual training.’ And I’m still looking for the way to confront my mind and visualize it.

find out origin, kay

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