Space & Rental


Famus Ground is a cultural space and cafe / lounge,
where we introduce cultural and enjoyable content based on the online Talent Networking Service, FAMUS.
Famus Ground strives to respect and share all kinds of talent
and provides a cultural space to talent so that they can show their talent.
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  • Multi-purpose space capable of 40 seats or 70 standings.
  • Stage which is simple and cool, loft which can be used for waiting room or VIP.
  • Equipments and systems capable of all kinds of program such as exhibition, show, party, performance, seminar, online broadcast.
  • Size : 118㎡ (35 pyeong) - Hall 85㎡ (25 pyeong), Left 33㎡(10 pyeong)
  • Capacity : 40 Seats / 70 Standings
  • Opening hours : Mon. 11am~9pm, Tue~Sun 11am~1am (*Bar opens at 6pm)


Class Equipment Quantity Brand Model/Remarks
Sound mixer Analog mixer(8 channels) 1 MACKIE PROFX 8V2
cable Computer to Mixer 1 IAUX 20M 3.5- 2P55
Computer to Mixer 1 CANARE 20M 3.5- 2P55
RCA-55 Cable 1 5M
Cable gender changer (RCA → 55) 2
Cable gender changer (3.5 → 55) 1
PA 15" active speaker 2 MACKIE Thump 15
Speaker stand 2 GRAVITY GSP5211B
monitor Active monitor speaker 1 BEHRINGER B208D
mic. Wired mic 3 SHURE SM58K-LC
Wired mic stand 3 GRAVITY GMS4321B
Broadcast mic. Condenser mic. 1 AVANTONE CK-6
Condenser mic. stand 1 GRAVITY GMS4321B
Video Projector Beam projector 1 4000 ANSI
Notebook Notebook for projector 1 LG Windows10
Screen Steel object usable for screen 1 H 2420, W5500(353+197)
Stage Deck Birch wood plate(18t) 1 2440(W)*1220(D)mm Performance stage for tap dance, etc.
EVA sponge (For tap dance) 4 Fix at bottom of deck
Barrier Retractable belt barriers 4 900(H)*320(R)mm Black barrier, Green belt(1.8m)
Exhibition Ware Magnet hook 60 9kg 20ea, 20kg 40ea Hook 3.5~4cm long, Weight limit of 5kg
Square magnet 6 50*25mm*1.5T 벽면 부착용


We will consult the rental charge with you. Discounts are available for cultural events or with catering.


2F, 11, Tojeong-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04083, Rep. of KOREA
(General Inquiry) +82-2-3144-3746
(Rental/Affiliate) +82-70-4911-7070


  • Rental may be limited if an event or program is not suitable for Famus Ground's brand or is political / relious.
  • Rental is available for all day (13:00~23:00) or half day (18:00~23:00), other time must be arranged in advance.
  • Rental time includes preparation and deinstallation(clean-up), extra charge will be applied when exceeded.
  • It must be arranged in advance if external system (light/sound) must be brought and/or installed.
  • Rental is confirmed by payment of a down payment(50%), the balance(50%) must be deposited at least 1 week before the event.
  • While renting, menu and/or catering services will be discounted. Extra charge will be applied where food or drink are brought from outside. (as a cost for clean-up and garbage)